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The EZChange filter system is safe, sanitary, convenient, and affordable! It works with your existing faucets to bring you great-tasting water without the hassle. You get everything you need during the initial installation, and we’ll send your replacement filters when it’s time to switch. Choose the option that best suits your water filtration need and drinking habits.


Home Water is dedicated to bringing you the purest drinking water possible.


Your monthly fee includes installation and twice-yearly filter delivery.


The twin chambered filters are easy to swap out when it’s time to change filters.


Your satisfaction is assured with with our hassle-free products and service.


Our service team is available for emergency support when you need help or advice.


You get a free set of refillable glass bottles for your drinking convenience!


Our filters remove heavy metals and chlorine for safe, pure-tasting water.

Why Should I Filter My Water at Home?

Consumer concerns have been growing about the quality and safety of municipal water systems and well water due to industry-related activity and aging water infrastructure. Our home-filtering system provides peace of mind at an affordable price point.

What does the EZChange filter remove from my water?

Our dual-chambered water filter provides truly superior filtration for about 10 cents a gallon. Water that goes through the EXChange filter tastes better, has up to 97% less chlorine and can reduce lead and copper concentrations by as much as 98%.

How does the installation process work?

Our certified installation technicians install the self-contained EZChange water filter system under your sink to your existing water faucet. There’s no drilling involved and no extra water fixtures making this system suitable for homeowners as well as long-term tenants. It’s easy to remove if you decide you’d like to move your service to a new home!

Home Water Testimonials


We ordered this whole home filter system and we love it. Nothing to think about, they send you water filters every six months and it just gets added to your gas bill. So easy and convenient. Best investment we have made for our new home and family. Customer service has been excellent. Highly recommend this company.


I love it, we use the bottles. I would never go back, the water tastes much better.

Diane M

I am very happy with the product. The water quality is perfect.

Joe V

We love your filtration system! I wouldn’t live without it.

Rod T

It works! There is no chlorine smell and I stopped using bottled water. The water tastes great!

Sorin R

The water does taste much better and I no longer have to buy bottled water.

Suzanne L

Hot Profit 50 Award Winner Water Quality Association Member Charity Water Supporter