Marketing and Sales Policy in Ontario

March 1, 2018 Home Water was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to delicious healthy water at an affordable price. We strive to be an industry leader by innovating and manufacturing products locally by conducting independent performance testing, certifications, and by upholding how we conduct business to the highest professional standards. We proudly uphold the principles of respect, integrity, reliability, expertise, flexibility, and satisfaction in all areas of our business. Recent updates to the Ontario Consumer Protection Act place increased regulation on contracts signed at the door for a select list of products and services. Home Water is in full support of removing aggressive and unfair sales tactics from the marketplace, and has never supported or tolerated unscrupulous acts targeting the vulnerable. Home Water regards this matter seriously and has made changes to our marketing and sales activities to meet the new guidelines, namely:
  • Effective immediately, Home Water will cease door to door sales of water filtration products in Ontario
  • Home Water will continue to market to consumers in Ontario by presenting information about Home Water products and services, special offers and promotions
  • No contracts will be presented to the consumers at the door
  • No contracts will be signed at the door
  • Any consumer interest in our products generated from our door to door marketing efforts will be handled by sales representatives in our Call Center through customer initiated inbound calls
  • All inbound calls are recorded. Our Call Center staff are trained to abide by the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Protection Act. Call Center representatives will verify at the time of the call that no agent associated with Home Water is present in the customer’s home during the inbound call.
Home Water is committed to fair marketing of our products and services in Ontario and will continue to be respectful, positive contributors to our community. The entire Home Water organization has rallied behind our new policies and we are committed to be compliant with the letter and spirit of the new regulations. For more information or inquiry please contact us at ATTN: PUBLIC RELATIONS Sincerely,
Daniel MacDonald Founder of Home Water