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Will A Whole House Filter Soften Water?

Whole House Water Filters from Home Water offers similar benefits to even the best water softeners without all the salt. Using the EZChange Salt Free Descaler, your Whole House Water Filter will condition your home’s water supply—transforming the magnesium and calcium to prevent build-up.

Traditional water softener filtration requires large bags of salt that will have to frequently be replaced. These softeners remove hard minerals and replace them with sodium ions, giving your water that slimy feel. [1]

In contrast, our EZChange Salt Free Descaler uses advanced technology to bind the hard minerals present in your water to prevent that chalky white build-up in your bathrooms and kitchens without all the salt or the slimy feel.

Does A Whole House Water Filter Remove Calcium?

An EZChange Salt Free Descaler does not remove calcium (Ca2+) from your water. Instead, it uses industry-leading technology to transform the calcium molecules to prevent them from clinging to surfaces in your home. [2]

Calcium build-up over time can be dangerous for the pipes in your home, sometimes leading to costly damages. Calcium wants to cling to nearly any surface it passes through, and depending on your home’s water supply, build-up can happen quicker than you think. [3]

Whole house water filter systems can protect your home’s pipes, faucets, and showerheads by neutralizing the calcium in your water supply—eliminating scale build-up before it occurs.

Does A Water Filter Reduce Hardness?

Hardness in water typically refers to the amount of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals present in the water. This hardness level can vary depending on your water supply.

EZChange Whole Home Filters may not remove hardness in the traditional sense. However, it delivers many of the same benefits. Instead of removing these minerals, they change them and prevent them from sticking to pipes and appliances in your home. [4]

How Often Should I Change My Whole House Water Filter?

Your EZChange Whole Home Filter will be easy to install, and you can immediately start to enjoy great-tasting water. Your replacement schedule may depend on your water supply and how much water your household uses each month.

Home Water takes the guesswork out of whole house water filter replacement all while you quickly reduce water imbalances. Our home water experts will put you on an automatic replacement schedule. This replacement schedule will optimize your drinking water quality and reduce contaminants—ensuring you always have good water when you want it.

Using our EZChange program, you never have to worry about running out of new filter cartridges or replacing things too early or too late. Just set it and forget, while you receive new, high-quality filter replacements sent directly to your home.

Is Reducing Hard Water Good For Your Health?

Most hard minerals common in our water supply do not pose any significant health risk. Consuming soft or hard water should have a neutral impact on your body.[5]

The real risks of hard water are mostly related to potential damage to your home’s pipes, appliances, and faucets. However, whole house water filters that also reduce herbicides, pesticides, VOC’s, and other health-damaging chemicals can be of great benefit to your overall health.

Is Clean Water Good For Your Body?

Clean, filtered water is essential to your health. We all need water to function, and clean drinking water helps set the foundation for a long, healthy life. Clean water can help give you healthy skin, healthy hair, and even better-moisturized skin.

The problem is the difference between clean and contaminated water is nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye. Most municipal water suppliers treat their water with chemicals like fluoride and chlorine that may not be optimal for good health. [6]

Whole house water filters can remove health-damaging chemicals and reduces harmful contaminants from your home’s water supply. They also reduce heavy metals, lead, and mercury, so that every tap, faucet, and shower delivers pure, clean water that is good for your whole health. In fact, our filters can reduce 99 percent of chlorine and other chemicals that may have long-term impacts on your health. [7]

Health Benefits From Drinking Clean Water

Regularly consuming clean drinking water can have innumerable health benefits for your body and mind. Getting enough water helps support joint health and skin health all while helping flush out waste from your body. [8]

In addition to the health benefits that clean drinking water can provide, water filtration systems also help prevent health complications from bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful organisms common in unfiltered water.

Other benefits of drinking water include hydration, energy, weight loss, and overall improved health.

The Environmental Advantages of Having Clean Water

Having access to filtered drinking water with a EZChange Whole Home Filter provides many environmental advantages. For many, switching from bottled water to drinking filtered tap water will prevent you from buying hundreds of plastic bottles every year.

According to the container recycling institute, more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day in the United States! [9] Think of the environmental impact you could have by saying no to these single-use bottles.

Switching to filtered water at-home with whole house systems will help reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce your single-use plastic consumption.


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