Frequently Asked Questions

The low monthly charge includes:

  • Delivery and installation
  • A bottling kit
  • Filter replacement program
  • Maintenance and service

All maintenance and service are included within your low monthly charge. If you have any issues with your equipment, please contact the Home Water Customer Service team and they will be happy to help.

Semi-Annually for UCs, Annually for Whole Home Filter and Descaler. The filters are mailed out automatically to your home.

Our systems do not remove fluoride. Fluoride is added to the municipal water supply to reduce cavities. The government of Canada website can provide more information on this program.

Our customer service line is open 9am-6pm Mon – Fri. We also have an emergency line that is open 24/7 for any urgent issues you may have.

Our Whole Home and Under Counter systems filter out 97% of the chlorine in the water, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), herbicides, pesticides, rust, dirt, sediment, lead, and heavy metals The Descaler system uses TAC technology to prevent scale building in your pipes/appliances/hot water tank.

Ontario – You can provide your Enbridge Gas account number and it will be added to the Charges from Other Companies section of your bill. From there you pay your gas bill as normal. Alternatively, you can provide a PAD form or VOID check for automatic withdrawals

US – You can provide a PAD form, VOID check or credit card for automatic withdrawals

You will continue on a month to month rental that will continue to provide you with filter replacements and full service and maintenance.

Our technicians will show you how to complete the prefilter change during the installation. Its very simple to change but if you have any issues we have instructional videos on our website.

Click here to view instructional videos to change your water filter.

You can have the system relocated to your new property. You have the option of having the rental agreement transferred to the new resident. Simply contact our customer service team to make arrangements.