Home Water Testimonials

We ordered this whole home filter system and we love it. Nothing to think about, they send you water filters every six months and it just gets added to your gas bill. So easy and convenient. Best investment we have made for our new home and family. Customer service has been excellent. Highly recommend this company.

Esther W.

I like the filter, it’s very good. I wash my hair a lot and I like the water, we don’t buy bottled water anymore we drink it straight from the tap. It’s good!


We’ve really noticed a significant difference in the quality, taste and even a feeling of softness in our water throughout our home since installing the whole home water filtration system. Our water tastes delicious, no more carting big water jugs for us and even the kids have embraced the idea of “going green” and have been using their glass water bottles at home and on the go. Also, the water is gentler on our skin (no more dry, itchy winter skin) and we’ve noticed that our dishes are virtually spotless. I could go on and on, all to say that we are very pleased with the product and really appreciate the affordable rental model.

Susan W

We have been using your service for almost a year now and love it.

James M
St. Catharine’s

I am grateful that I am no longer ingesting the “gunk” that your product removes from our water. Since your filtration system is installed at the point where the water enters my home, just after the meter, my sensitive skin is no longer exposed to the harsh chemicals found in our town supplied water.


Great Service. Everyone should do it.


Skin definitely feels softer, water definitely taste better.