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Texas Water Filters on Sink Comparison

June 2024

Best Texas Water Filter Companies for Home Water Filters

Key takeaways

  • Texas drinking water quality varies widely from one city to the next, although the state is known for its relatively hard water overall.
  • Texas residents may benefit from installing a water softener system or a whole house water filter to remove impurities.
  • The best Texas water filter companies can test your tap water for you, install a water filter or softener, and provide repairs and replacement filters.
  • HomeWater offers patented EZChange filters that you can install and replace yourself, as well as filter replacements with recurring subscriptions.

If you live in Texas, then you probably know that drinking water quality can vary widely from one part of the Lone Star State to the next. With high concentrations of minerals and other contaminants in the tap water, taking a one-size-fits-all approach to water treatment in Texas isn’t going to provide you with the best possible water.

Whether you get your drinking water from the city water system or drink your own well water, here’s what residents need to know about Texas drinking water quality and how to find the best Texas water filter companies to treat your tap water.

Is It Safe to Drink the Tap Water in Texas?

Texas tap water has a mixed reputation. On the one hand, Texas water companies must adhere to the EPA’s drinking water regulations, just like in any other state. On the other hand, some parts of Texas have high levels of minerals, which can result in hard water that tastes unpleasant and can leave residue on the skin, hair, and other surfaces.

Additionally, even if contaminant levels don’t exceed the EPA’s guidelines, they may still exceed health recommendations. This is especially true for contaminants like PFAS, or forever chemicals, which aren’t thoroughly regulated yet.

What Contaminants Are Found In Texas Tap Water?

Here are a few of the major contaminants to look out for in Texas:

  • Minerals and sediments: Minerals and sediments aren’t necessarily harmful, but can affect how your water tastes. Texas tap water may have high levels of sodium, calcium, magnesium, and other total dissolved solids (TDS).
  • Arsenic and heavy metals: Arsenic and other heavy metals occur naturally in some parts of Texas, and contaminate tap water from groundwater systems.
  • Disinfection byproducts: Disinfection byproducts are chemicals that are formed when tap water is treated with chlorine and other disinfectants.
  • Forever chemicals (PFAS): Forever chemicals are man-made substances used in the production of industrial products. Some municipal water systems in Texas have PFAS levels that exceed the EPA’s new guidelines.
  • Nitrates and nitrites: Nitrates and nitrites can contaminate the water supply in areas with septic systems and fertilizer runoff from agriculture.
  • Viruses and bacteria: Untreated water can harbor cryptosporidium and other pathogens, although these are usually eliminated in the disinfection process.

How Does Texas Water Quality Vary by Region?

As the second-largest state in the U.S., Texas relies on a wide range of water sources to meet its drinking water needs. Although the average hardness is 200 milligrams per liter (mg/L) across the state, no two regions have the same set of water problems.

Here’s how four of the state’s largest cities compare:

You can enter your ZIP code to look up the latest water quality report for your city and find out which type of water purification system is right for your home.

Texas Water Filter Installation Under Sink

9 Best Texas Water Filter Companies to Choose From

If you’re a Texas homeowner thinking of installing a water treatment system, you might be looking for a local water filter company or plumber to do the job for you. Your drinking water system needs to be installed properly to provide you with the best water possible. Here are 9 of the best Texas water filter companies to consider.

Alamo Water Softeners

Alamo Water Softeners offers water softeners and water filters in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and several other parts of Texas. They can provide salt deliveries for your water softener, as well as water testing to find out which water filter is right for your home.

Some customer reviews praise the company’s price and services, while other customers had complaints about the products available and the installation process.

Lone Star Water Services

Lone Star Water Services provides water softeners, water heaters, and reverse osmosis systems in the Austin and San Antonio region. They offer a 5- to 7-year warranty on parts and labor, and have financing available to spread out the cost of your purchase.

Customer reviews highlight their transparent pricing and free consultation, but some do mention slow response times and lack of follow-up.


HomeWater offers a wide range of filters that are easy to install, including under-sink water filters that attach to your faucet with no advanced plumbing services required, reverse osmosis products, whole house filters, 22,000 and 48,000 grain water softeners, and water conditioners/descalers. HomeWater is by far the most cost efficient of the providers, installing premium products at an accessible price. While other companies can charge up to $9,000, HomeWater has an entry point for whole house water filters at $1,395. They also offer energy-efficient shower filters that help you remove chemicals and prevent mineral buildup without compromising on flow rate.

Customer reviews mention the ease of installation and the cost savings of a home water filter vs. the cost of bottled water.

Austin Water Solutions

Austin Water Solutions installs a wide range of water purification systems, and offers cleaning, repairs, and salt delivery. The company provides a free water test for new home buyers, and has programs for builders and real estate agents.

Customer reviews say that their sales agents weren’t too pushy, but some customers had complaints about the maintenance process and lifetime warranty.

South Texas Water Solutions

South Texas Water Solutions provides water filters to residential customers, as well as commercial and industrial clients. Along with reverse osmosis systems, they sell a UV light purification system to remove bacteria and other pathogens.

Some customers appreciated the guidance in choosing a system and scheduling the installation, and online reviews don’t mention any major complaints.

Puragain Water

Puragain Water promises annual water testing, unlimited service calls, and annual maintenance, with monthly pricing starting at $26 per month for a reverse osmosis system. They also offer whole home filters and a 6-stage alkaline water system.

Puragain Water doesn’t have many online reviews, but claims to have 30 years of experience providing high-quality water services to customers.

Aqua Systems of Houston

Aqua Systems of Houston provides a range of filters and water softeners to address water problems, such as cloudy or rust-colored tap water or a rotten egg smell. They also offer free water quality testing, and have an online pricing estimator.

Customer reviews mention their reasonable pricing, on-time communication, and thorough documentation.

Texas Water Softeners

Texas Water Softeners provides water softeners and filtration systems in the Houston area, with 24-hour emergency services and a 1-year installation warranty. They also provide a 10% discount to seniors and members of the military.

Customer reviews thanked the knowledgeable team, but some do mention having to deal with multiple members of the company to get started.


Rinsefy specializes in providing soft water solutions to customers experiencing mineral buildup and skin conditions due to hard water. The company offers water softeners and salt-free water conditioners, as well as oxidizers and UV water filters.

Online reviews mention the reasonable pricing and knowledgeable team.

New Water Filtration System Man Holds Filtering System

Types of Water Filtration Systems

Different types of home water filters are designed to address different water problems, so it’s important to test your tap water and find out what type of filter you need. These are just a few of the most common types of water filter solutions in Texas.

Water Softeners and Conditioners

Water softeners like this Compact Cabinet Water Softener from HomeWater reduce the mineral content of your water by replacing it with sodium ions. This model has a built-in low salt monitor so you know when you need to refill it.

People who need to monitor their salt intake can use this Salt-Free Water Conditioner instead, which removes minerals without adding to the sodium content of the water.

UV Water Systems

UV water filters, like the VIQUA Ultraviolet Light Water Disinfection System, are used to kill viruses and bacteria such as cryptosporidium. Since UV light systems don’t actually filter the water, they’re often used as part of a multi-stage home home water filter.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis filters like the HomeWater 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filter use reverse osmosis technology to filter your water through a membrane. Since this unit fits under the sink, it’s cheaper and easier to install than a whole home filter, while still removing sediments and chemical contaminants.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters like the HomeWater EZChange Single Stage Under Counter Water Filter are effective at reducing levels of chlorine, lead, PFAS, and other common contaminants. They’re especially good for removing unwanted smells and tastes from your tap water and achieving that pure water taste.

Water Quality and Taste with HomeWater Man Pours New Glass

Improve Water Quality and Taste with HomeWater

The tap water in Texas may be safe to drink, but it’s known for its high mineral content and may contain high levels of heavy metals, forever chemicals, and other unwanted contaminants. Using a water filter can improve the quality of your tap water, but it’s important to choose the right type of filter to get the best results.

HomeWater offers all of the most common home water filter types at an affordable price — and you’ll even get a discount for signing up for a filter subscription. Take our quiz to get personalized recommendations and 20% off your first order.

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