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HomeWater vs. Hydroviv Comparison Article Showing Clear Glass

December 2022

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv Water Filters: Which Is Best for You?

Are you trying to decide which brand is the preferred choice between HomeWater vs. Hydroviv? What’s the distinction between these brands, and which one offers the best water filter for your household?

This guide compares HomeWater vs. Hydroviv with an in-depth look at each brand’s prices, products, benefits, and customer reviews to help you decide for yourself.

Find out why HomeWater is the preferred choice for under-sink and whole-house water filtration systems.

What Are the Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems?

Did you know untreated water sources may contain harmful contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceuticals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and chemicals like PFAS? Unfortunately, this is true for well water as well.

Scientific studies have shown that exposure to many of these substances, like PFAS, may be linked to health problems in humans and animals. And yet, according to the EPA, blood tests show they’re common in people and animals worldwide.

Home water filtration systems allow consumers to improve their water quality, removing possible contaminants so they can trust the water in their homes. As a result, clean water tastes and smells better and is healthier for you and your family!

Some water treatment systems also address hard water, which is water with elevated calcium, magnesium, and other mineral levels. Hard water leads to scale buildup that can damage pipes, valves, appliances, water heaters, and water pressure over time.

Hard water may damage your hair, reduce the efficacy of shampoo, and make shampoo more difficult to rinse out. The extra minerals also prevent soap from working as well when washing dishes and laundry.

Most water softening systems remove these extra minerals with ion exchange technology and a salt brine system. However, a salt brine water softening system is not a disinfectant or a water filter.

Do You Need a Home Water Filtration System?

You should know whether your water contains dangerous contaminants or minerals silently damaging your water lines, and a home water test is the only way to find out. If you get your water from a private source, like a well, the EPA recommends testing your water every year.

Water tests are often available through county health departments. At HomeWater, we offer free in-home water tests that deliver instant, detailed results — because you deserve to know what’s in your water.

After reviewing your water test results, HomeWater provides personalized recommendations for under-counter and whole-house water filter products, and you can start fixing your water with zero upfront costs.

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv: Meet the Brands

HomeWater and Hydroviv specialize in water filtration systems to provide customers with cleaner, better-tasting water at home. Here’s an introduction to each brand.

Who Is HomeWater?

HomeWater has installed thousands of whole-home and under-sink water filter systems in the U.S. and Canada since 2010. We designed our patented EZChange Filter System to provide great-tasting water with a minimal footprint, easy installation, and quick, DIY filter changes.

At HomeWater, we’re focused on innovation, high-quality products, customer satisfaction, and environmental conservation. We empower and educate customers by providing honest, easy-to-understand information.

What Conservation Efforts Does HomeWater Support?

HomeWater cares about eco-awareness, sustainability, water pollution, and environmental protection, all of which are important issues.

By providing in-home water filters and making clean water more accessible, we help reduce plastic waste. In addition, HomeWater is a proud partner of Terrapass, a global leader in certified carbon offsets and renewable energy solutions.

By partnering with Terrapass, we’re helping progress their mission to create a greener world and restore balance to nature. And through Terrapass, HomeWater customers can access affordable Water Restoration Certificates® from BEF, which supports water restoration projects for ecosystems and natural water sources.

HomeWater also helps fund restoration and conservation projects across North America.

Who Is Hydroviv?

Hydroviv was founded in 2015 to provide customers with safer, better-tasting drinking water and quality water filtration systems. The brand offers in-home and commercial water filter systems that address water contaminants such as lead and harmful chemicals.

Hydroviv started from a charitable effort to donate water filters to Flint, Michigan residents during the Flint Water Crisis. The brand continues to support Flint and disadvantaged households in Washington, DC.

What Conservation Efforts Does Hydroviv Support?

Hydroviv focuses on using compostable and biodegradable packing materials to protect the environment. The brand also works to reduce packing fill use for its filter cartridges and other products.

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv: How Do Prices Compare?

HomeWater and Hydroviv provide pricing information on each product page, so customers know what they’ll be spending. Here are prices, as of December 14, 2022, for similar products so you can compare rates before we explore each brand’s products in more depth below:

We can’t provide additional direct price comparisons between HomeWater vs. Hydroviv products due to the limited selection from Hydroviv. HomeWater offers multiple under-sink and whole-home water filter products, plus a range of accessories. Excluding replacement filters, Hydroviv features three products on its website.

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv: How Do the Products Compare?

HomeWater products include under-counter filters, whole-home systems, accessories, and replacement filters. All HomeWater products are NSF/ANSI 53-certified, backed by a 30-day guarantee, and made in North America. We also offer discounts for several options. HomeWater products include:

  • Under-counter water filters: HomeWater offers four under-counter water filter options that you can install in under 15 minutes with easy DIY filter replacement.
  • Whole-house water filtration systems: HomeWater offers four whole-house water filtration systems for all sizes of homes, with modular options and easy DIY filter changes. Whole-house water filters allow customers to have clean water at every point of use (e.g., showerheads, ice makers, refrigerator water dispensers, and other appliances).
  • Accessories and replacement filters: HomeWater offers a wide range of accessories and replacement filters to help customers make their homes more eco-friendly. Accessories include water dispensers, tumblers, shower heads, faucets, and more.

Hydroviv products include under-counter, shower, and refrigerator water filter systems, plus replacement filters. All Hydroviv products are NSF 53-certified, come with a 30-day guarantee, and are made in North America. Hydroviv products include:

  • Under-sink water filter: Hydroviv offers one under-counter water filter that installs quickly and features home filter replacement.
  • Shower water filter: Hydroviv offers a shower water filter accessory with quick installation and filter replacement.
  • Refrigerator/ice maker water filter: Hydroviv offers a refrigerator/ice maker water filter that connects to the refrigerator’s water line with easy installation and DIY filter replacement.

Both brands hold certifications and guarantee their products. However, from the products and information available on each website, the primary distinction between the two brands is the wide range of products and accessories offered by HomeWater. As of the end of 2022, HomeWater provides 16 products, excluding replacement filters, whereas Hydroviv offers three.

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv: Detailed Product Comparison

HomeWater vs Hydroviv Product Comparison Test Thru Faucet


For your reference, we’ve listed detailed information about the water filtration systems offered by HomeWater and Hydroviv from each brand’s website below.

HomeWater Under-Counter Water Filters

HomeWater sells four under-counter water filter systems, including a reverse osmosis system and three EZChange systems. Each option features a 15-minute installation and spill-free caps for clean DIY filter changes.

 Under Counter Under Sink Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Under Counter Filter

  • HomeWater 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Counter/Under Sink Water Filter
    Price: $350 (filter subscription unlocks a 15% discount)
    Replacement filter: Reverse Osmosis Replacement Filters — $74.99 (filter subscription unlocks a 15% discount)
    Replacement membrane: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement — $99.99 (filter subscription unlocks a 15% discount)
    The HomeWater 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Counter/Under Sink Water Filter rinses contaminants and impurities down the drain and stores the filtered drinking water in a sealed tank. It features a lead-free faucet and improves odor and taste.
    Reverse osmosis filters have a pore size of approximately 0.0001 microns. The filtration process reduces sediment, dirt, chlorine, dissolved inorganics, barium, cadmium, hexavalent and trivalent, chromium, lead, copper, radium 226/228, selenium, fluoride, and nitrate/nitrite.

Under Counter Under Sink Chlorine Water Filter

Under Counter Under Sink Lead Water Filter

HomeWater Whole-Home Water Filters and Softeners

HomeWater offers four whole-home filtration systems and water softener options for homes of all sizes. Whole-home filter systems can address water at every point of use in the household, including showerheads, refrigerator water dispensers, ice makers, washing machines, and other appliances.

Whole Home Water Filter

  • HomeWater 4-Stage Whole Home Filter
    Price: $899
    Replacement filter: 10” Sediment Pre-filter — $13.99 (filter subscription unlocks a 15% discount)
    The HomeWater 4-Stage Whole Home Filter is a high-capacity whole-home option rated for 1,000,000 gallons of water. It has a 10-inch pre-filter and customization options that allow it to connect to the HomeWater Salt-Free Water Softener system to reduce scaling. The filter reduces water contaminants such as chlorine, rust, dirt, heavy metals, and VOCs.

Whole Home Salt-Free Water Conditioner

  • Salt-Free Water Softener & Conditioner
    Price: $599
    The HomeWater Salt-Free Water Softener & Conditioner reduces scale buildup and particulates. And the built-in pre-filter means no monthly upkeep.

Cabinet Water Softener

  • Compact Cabinet Water Softener
    Price: $1,124.99
    The HomeWater Compact Cabinet Water Softener is designed for small and medium households. It has Long-Lasting Softening Resin, AutoSense™ Technology for efficient salt use, and a Low Salt Monitor that signals when it’s time for a salt replacement.

Water Softener Whole Home Filter Combo Unit

  • All-In-One Whole Home & Water Softener Combo
    Price: $1,449.99
    The HomeWater All-In-One Whole Home & Water Softener Combo is designed for all household sizes. It features an integrated activated carbon filter system to reduce sediment and chlorine and a self-cleaning sediment filter to eliminate the need for replacements.

HomeWater Accessories

HomeWater offers a range of accessories and purifiers designed to reduce the need for disposable plastic water bottles and make eco-friendly living more convenient. Our Countertop Water Dispenser, for example, is BPA-free and provides the benefits of a filter pitcher, plus hot and cold water at the push of a button. Here’s everything we offer:

Hydroviv Water Filtration Products

Hydroviv filter options include three products on the brand’s website. They’re designed for customer convenience and offer filter subscription options.

  • Hydroviv Under Sink Water Filter
    Regular Pice: $399.99
    Replacement filter: $115 ($86.25 with a subscription)
    The Hydroviv under-sink water filtration system works with existing faucets and installs quickly. It’s designed to remove contaminants based on city water quality data.
  • Hydroviv Shower Filter
    Regular Price: $119.99
    Replacement filter: $93.32 ($69.99 with a subscription)
    The Hydroviv shower head filter softens tap water and features quick installation.
  • Hydroviv Refrigerator/Ice Maker Water Filter
    Regular Price: $399.99
    Replacement filter: $115 ($86.25 with a subscription)
    The Hydroviv refrigerator/ice maker water filter connects to the refrigerator’s water line with easy installation and additional tubing options for braided stainless steel lines. It removes contaminants based on city water quality data.

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv: What Do Customers Say?

Lady Holds Up Fresh Glass of Filtered Water


Comparing HomeWater vs. Hydroviv can be challenging, but customer reviews offer valuable insights beyond prices and product selection. This section highlights reviews from both brands for quick reference.

HomeWater Reviews

The HomeWater Reviews page allows all customers to share their experiences with others. Here are some of the latest reviews we’ve received:

  • 5-star review from Cindy M.: “I am so happy with this water filtration system. Well worth the price. I’m actually saving money. The taste is amazing. Highly recommend this company.”
  • 5-star review from Troy: “I can tell the difference of the taste since we got the filter. I think the water tastes great [and] I love it. I will definitely refer some of my family friends to purchase one.”

Hydroviv Reviews

Here are some reviews for Hydroviv products from customers on sites including Yelp and Reviewopedia:

  • 5-star review from Karen S.: “I have had my Hydroviv under sink filter for two years. My drinking water [tastes] great. So glad I bought it. Money well spent.”
  • 4-star review from A W: “Customer service was very responsive and explained how to fix it. Was relatively easy and now works fine. Can taste a difference in the water as well. They ought to include some troubleshooting in their instructions and it would’ve saved us all some time. Overall, decent product and I’d recommend.”

HomeWater vs. Hydroviv: Which Brand Is the Best Choice?

HomeWater is often the preferred choice for home water filters because of our extensive product lines and whole-home water filtration systems. We also provide the following:

We also offer zero-upfront cost options and a 30-day guarantee on all products. To find out which water filter products would be best for your household, you can find educational videos at HomeWater.

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