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June 2023

The Best Water Filters for Renters: Affordable Options for Clean Water

Being a renter definitely has its perks. As a renter, you don’t have to worry about paying a mortgage. You can also just pick up and move whenever you feel like it. The biggest advantage for most renters is that if something breaks or wears out, it's someone else’s responsibility to fix it.  

While you may not have to pay for repairs, you can’t make major alterations to your own living space either. So, if your pipes that are supposed to pump in clean water are full of corrosion and lead, you can’t fix it, if you even know about it.  

Making sure our home faucets provide us with great tasting, safe drinking water is a high priority for everyone. Many renters think they are limited to relying on subpar solutions like water filter pitchers or worse, paying the high cost of bottled water.  

While you may not be able to install a whole home water filtration system, you don't have to settle for questionable tap water any longer. With the wide variety of water filter options available to you, you can enjoy clean and refreshing water, without breaking the bank or violating your lease agreement. 

Let’s take a look at the best water filters for renters to consider for getting top quality water at home. 

Which Are the Best Water Filters for Renters?

Whether you’re renting or you own your home, the best water filtration system for you can be determined by answering a few questions:  

  • Does it need to be a point-of-entry system that protects every faucet in your home or will a simpler point-of-use system that protects your kitchen sink or shower suffice? 
  • Does it deal with the contaminants that you’re trying to remove from your water? 
  • Does it fit in the available space you have to set the water filter system up in? 
  • Does it meet your preferences in terms of function? For instance, do you want a second water dispenser to bypass the filter sometimes? 
  • Does it have the aesthetic you want? Maybe you’d rather have your filter under the counter rather than on top of it, for example. 
  • Does it maintain your flow rate or water pressure
  • Does it fit your budget to buy, install, and maintain the system through its lifespan?  

For renters, you have the added requirements that the solution you go with doesn’t alter the plumbing and that it’s something you can take with you (or at least uninstall easily) when you leave. 

Let’s go through each of these questions to figure out the best water filters for renters.  

Should Renters Buy a Point-of-Entry or a Point-of-Use Filter System?

Point-of-entry systems filter water before it enters your home’s plumbing. This means every drop of water that comes into your home is filtered at every faucet, spigot, and appliance. While these whole house filtration systems are great, they do have a few downsides.  

First, if you have problems in your home plumbing like lead in the pipes, your water can be contaminated after it’s filtered which defeats the purpose. The real problem, though, is that they aren’t a good option for renters.  

Point-of-entry systems, also called whole house systems, are more expensive than point-of-use filter systems and they are more complicated to install and remove. These whole house systems might even require a professional plumber to make alterations.  

As a renter, point-of-use filters, also called single faucet water filters, are the way to go. If you’re even a little comfortable with tools, these are often an easy DIY install and filter changes are even easier.  

The reason they are called point-of-use water systems is because the water is filtered right where you use it.  

Point-of-use systems are usually set up right at your kitchen sink and either live under the counter or on top of it. You can have peace of mind knowing the water in your glass was filtered just seconds before. These point of use systems are often multi-stage and utilize many different technologies that will safely filter thousands of gallons of water before needing maintenance.  

What Water Contaminants Do Renters Need to Filter Out?

If you have city water in the United States or Canada, your water has a minimum quality standard that’s set by the government. In the U.S., the EPA monitors and puts enforceable limits on around 90 different contaminants that can show up in your water.  

Unfortunately, this leaves thousands of contaminants that aren’t tested for, and some water safety groups contend that even the limits that are enforced are not nearly low enough. So, while water from public utilities in the U.S. and Canada is generally considered safe, there could still be many contaminants you’re worried about. Knowing which those are will help you figure out what types of water filters, and which filter technologies, will work for you.  

For instance, activated carbon filters are great at removing chlorine but you need a reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride. For sediment and large debris, it's often better to use a dedicated sediment filter. For hard water, ion exchange technology works very well.  

The good news is, there are multi-stage filters that can handle many of these impurities at the same time.  

Is the Water Filter Compact Enough?

Space is precious and water filter systems will require some of it. Maybe it's under the sink or maybe it's a countertop water filter, but you’ll have to put some consideration into the size of the unit you’re willing to make room for.  

The more stages and technologies that go into a water filter, the more space it’s likely to take up.  

Does It Have the Features and Look You Want?

Some water filters are very simple and connect into your existing faucet while others will provide you with a second water dispenser for when you want filtered water while you have a bypass for non-filtered water.  

Some units, like HomeWater’s Countertop Water Filter, are meant to be compact and stylish and also have premium features like instant hot and cold water at the push of a button.  

HomeWater’s under-counter water filters, on the other hand, are designed to stay out of your way, allow easy filter replacements, and produce gallon after gallon of clean drinking water.  

Does the Water Filter Maintain Your Flow Rate?

If you’ve ever poured water into a popular water pitcher filter and then been forced to wait as the filtered water dribbles out over the next several minutes, you can imagine how painful it would be to have the same thing happening to your kitchen faucet or your shower. Luckily, high-quality point-of-use filters like the Rainshower Restore Filter from HomeWater are designed specifically to maintain your water flow rate. 

Does It Fit Your Budget? 

It doesn’t matter how good a product is if you can’t afford to use it. At HomeWater, we make our point-of-use water filters really affordable for renters to buy, install, maintain, and take with them on move out. And we don’t cut corners. Even our entry-level filters are made in America and are NSF certified. They meet ANSI standards for reducing chlorine, reducing lead, and improving taste and odor. 

Can I Put a Water Filter in My Apartment?

If you’re renting an apartment or a house, you can install a water filter in your home as long as it doesn’t permanently alter the building or its features in any way.  

Because of this, the best water filters for renters are point-of-use filters that hook up to a single faucet and don’t require drilling into the countertops. 

How Do You Put a Filter in an Apartment?

The best water filter for renters is the one that does everything you want it to do and doesn’t violate your lease agreement. For most renters, this means buying a point-of-use system that doesn't make permanent alterations to your rented home.  

At HomeWater, we have three great options designed with renters in mind.  

The HomeWater EZChange 2-Stage Under Counter Under Sink Water Filter connects directly to your existing faucet so there’s no drilling or alteration needed. The EZChange filter system makes it simple to maintain and it’s made in America. Our two-stage system reduces chlorine, lead, rust, dirt, particulate matter, and is ANSI and NSF certified to improve the taste and odor of your drinking water.  

The HomeWater 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filter is our premium under-sink design with a 5-micron sediment pre-filter and a pre-carbon filter to remove chlorine. Those are followed by a reverse osmosis system to remove fluoride and dissolved inorganics, and then a post-carbon final stage to polish and enhance your drinking water. 

This water purifier reduces sediment, chlorine, total dissolved solids, barium, cadmium, hexavalent and trivalent chromium, lead, copper, radium 226/228, selenium, fluoride, and nitrate/nitrite. 

Finally, our HomeWater Countertop Water Dispenser is attractive and compact on your counter. Not only does it reduce chlorine, bacteria, organic matter, bad taste, and odor, but it also puts out an impressive one-third gallon of water per minute at the touch of a button. It also dispenses heated and chilled water in an instant.  

Just because you’re a renter doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice water quality. With HomeWater, you can easily find a water filtration system to fit your needs without forfeiting your security deposit. Take a look at our three great options to equip your rental with the water quality you deserve. 

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