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Salt-Free Water Conditioner (UPSTREAM™ Home Filter Add-On)

Salt-Free Water Conditioner (UPSTREAM™ Home Filter Add-On)


Pair your whole home filter with a salt-free water conditioner. Unlike traditional water softening options, our Salt-Free Conditioner helps you reduce scale build-up on appliances, without monthly upkeep or the addition of salt pellets.


Note: This product is meant to be purchased with the HomeWater Whole Home Filter and does not include a pre-filter. Click here if you are looking for a Water Conditioner to use on a standalone basis, which includes a pre-filter attachment.

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Compact Cabinet Water Softener - 22,000 Grain

Ideal for small to medium households, this compact cabinet water softener uses AutoSense™ Technology to maximize salt-use efficiency, features a Low Salt Monitor to help keep your salt replacements on track, and uses Long-Lasting Softening Resin.


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All-In-One Whole Home Filter & Water Softener Combo

Ideal for any size household, this 2-in-1 unit filters and softens all of the water for your entire home. Integrated carbon filtration reduces Sediment and Chlorine, while the 35,000 grain capacity softener softens water. Best of all, the self-cleaning sediment filter means no replacements.


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