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UPSTREAM™ Whole Home Water Softener | 22,000 Grains

UPSTREAM™ Whole Home Water Softener | 22,000 Grains


Upgrade your water with the HomeWater UPSTREAM Water Softener. Ideal for any sized household, it extends appliance life, enhances detergent effectiveness, and saves water and salt with its high-efficiency valve. Pair with the UPSTREAM Whole Home Filter to add softening to your whole home filtered water. Get improved, softer water effortlessly.

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UPSTREAM™ 4-Stage Whole Home Water Filter


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UPSTREAM™ 4-Stage Whole Home Water Filter

The UPSTREAM's patented upflow design means constant automatic media backwash without requiring electricity. Unique blend of red flint, KDF55, and catalytic carbon deliver superior filter performance, filtering particulates, heavy metals, chlorine, VOCs, PFOS/PFAS, and more! Replacing the pre-filter takes only seconds thanks to the top loading filter housing. Push fit adapters and integrated distributor design make installation easier than ever.


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VIQUA UV Light Disinfection System (Whole Home Filter Add-On)

The VIQUA compact UV disinfection system provides a reliable, economical, and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water in any residential application. The system reduces microbial contaminants – ranging from protozoan cysts to viruses – by using UV light waves to deactivate the DNA of microorganisms, preventing further reproduction.


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HomeWater 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filter

The HomeWater Reverse Osmosis water filter uses 4-stages of filtration for ultimate contaminant reduction. The semi-permeable membrane rinses contaminants to the drain. High quality, filtered drinking water is produced and conveniently stored in a sealed tank. The included lead-free faucet easily delivers an abundant supply of clear and fresh-tasting drinking water to you and your family. Reduces Sediment, Dirt, Chlorine, Dissolved Inorganics, Barium, Cadmium, Hexavalent and Trivalent, Chromium, Lead, Copper, Radium 226/228, Selenium, Fluoride, & Nitrate/Nitrite.


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