Water Filter Subscription Program

The Home Water Filter Subscription program is an affordable, convenient way for any family to enjoy clean water every day. There are many advantages to subscribe, namely the benefit of one low monthly payment billed through pre-authorized debit, credit card, or (Eligible customer in Ontario only*), you can include your Home Water charges on your Enbridge Gas Distribution bill. Subscribing makes healthy whole-home water as easy, accessible and economical as possible.

Benefits of HomeWater Water Subscription Program

Installation and Shipping Included

Shipping and professional installation included.


Lifetime Product Maintenance

Full product service and warranty.


No New Bill

No new bill! Your charges will be billed through pre-authorized debit or credit card payment.

For your convenience, you can include your Home Water charges on your Enbridge Gas Distribution bill.*


Lifetime Filter Replacement

Receive a replacement filter every year at no additional cost.

Low Monthly Payment

Our prices are affordable and accessible.


Free Water Bottling Kit

Reduces plastic water bottles consumption. Every Home Water Customer removes over 1000 bottles from landfills!

*Note: Home Water subscription and Enbridge bill payment options are currently only available for customers residing within an Enbridge serviced jurisdiction in the province of Ontario. Home Water products can be purchased versus rented in areas not yet serviced with our subscription model. To determine whether you are in an appropriate area or to find out when Home Water might be extending the subscription option in to your region, as well as to find out about purchasing options, please contact us.