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January 2023

HomeWater vs. Waterdrop Filters: What's the Best Choice?

Comparing brands as you search for the best water filter will help you get clean water and the best deal for your money. But how do you choose between HomeWater vs. Waterdrop filters? What's the distinction between these brands, and is there a preferred choice?

This guide looks at each brand with a direct comparison of values, products, prices, and customer experiences. So keep reading to see why more customers choose HomeWater when they want cleaner, better-tasting water in their homes.

Why Do You Need a Home Water Filtration System?

Whether you have well water or a municipal water supply, harmful impurities could be lurking in your tap water without your knowledge. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), drinking water worldwide may contain various contaminants associated with an increased risk of several diseases in children and adults. 

Children usually drink more water relative to their weight than adults, so they're more likely to have higher exposure to drinking water contaminants. These contaminants may increase their risk of issues such as gastrointestinal illness, learning disorders, endocrine disruption, and cancer. 

Here are some of the many impurities and contaminants that may be found in unfiltered tap water: 

If you and your pets, children, or family members drink untreated water from your kitchen sink faucet, you may be unknowingly consuming these and other harmful contaminants. A water filter removes these impurities so that you can enjoy healthier water at home. In addition, the filtration process also makes your water taste and smell better! 

Hard Water

Hard water is another issue addressed by some types of water filters and purifiers. Hard water contains elevated levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, and it can damage your water lines and appliances. It can also make soap less effective and potentially damage your hair.

The buildup of minerals in your water lines can impact your water flow rate, water pressure, and warranties on appliances. Eventually, it can cause clogging that requires a plumber to fix, and the work is usually costly.

You can address hard water by installing a water softener system, which removes these excess minerals to keep your pipes in good condition. You can combine these systems with under-sink home water filters and whole-house water filtration systems to keep you, your family, and your home in good health, no matter what's in your water!

How Do You Find Out What's in Your Water?

If you have your own well, the EPA recommends yearly water tests to monitor your water quality. Without regular home water tests, there's no way to know what's in your tap water. 

You can access home tests through paid and unpaid sources. At HomeWater, we provide free in-home water testing, so you can get instant results and personalized recommendations to address any issues. We also offer options with zero upfront costs, so you don't have to wait to protect your health and that of your family and pets. 

HomeWater vs. Waterdrop: Who Are They?

We'll compare rates, products, and customer reviews to help you choose a winner between HomeWater vs. Waterdrop. But when you invite a brand into your home and trust their filters with your water, we think you should know who they are and what they support.

Who Is HomeWater?

HomeWater was founded in 2010 with the belief that the tap water in our homes shouldn't contain stuff like chlorine, lead, and VOCs. So we design innovative, high-quality filtration systems to remove the contaminants that often find their way into our water systems so you can enjoy great-tasting water straight from your faucet. 

Here are our guiding principles: 

  • No scare tactics 
  • Education 
  • Quality 
  • Eco-awareness 
  • Customer satisfaction 

Since 2010, we've installed thousands of whole-home and under-counter water filtration systems in households across North America. And our patented EZChange Filter System makes maintenance easy while requiring equipment and space. 

What Causes Does HomeWater Support?

At HomeWater, we do our part to protect the environment and reduce bottled water consumption. According to Harvard University, the top three reasons to avoid disposable bottled water include: 

  • Disposable bottled water causes pollution and contributes to global warming throughout its production and life cycle.  
  • In the United States alone, the production of disposable plastic water bottles uses over 17 million barrels of oil annually. 
  • Approximately 86% of all plastic water bottles used in the U.S. end up in the trash or as environmental litter. 

Bottled water is around 3,000% more expensive than tap water, and it's usually no safer, cleaner, or healthier than tap water. In addition, it's subjected to less safety testing and monitoring by the federal government than municipal water systems. 

In addition to providing affordable home water filtration systems, HomeWater has partnered with Terrapass to help do our part in protecting the environment. Terrapass is a leader in renewable energy solutions and certified carbon offsets worldwide. 

Our partnership with Terrapass gives HomeWater customers access to low-cost Water Restoration Certificates® from BEF that support ecosystems, natural water sources, and vetted water restoration projects. HomeWater also helps fund certified restoration and conservation projects

Who Is Waterdrop?

Waterdrop was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to delivering clean, safe drinking water to its customers. They produce water filtration appliances with a focus on technology leadership. The brand emphasizes the research, development, and production of water filtration products and professional equipment.

What Causes Does Waterdrop Support?

Waterdrop created the Water4Smile program initiative and partnered with The Water Project. The Water Project is a charity that provides access to clean water for people across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Waterdrop hopes to use the Water4Smile program to promote water stewardship and industry-wide action for people worldwide. They're happy to support The Water Project in their efforts to reduce the burden of finding drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa, one village at a time. 

HomeWater vs. Waterdrop Filters: How Do Prices Compare?

If your primary concern is a budget-friendly water filtration system, you'll want to compare prices between HomeWater vs. Waterdrop. We've highlighted similar products from each category so you can see the difference for yourself. 

(Price comparisons current as of early January 2023) 

HomeWater offers 15% off any base price with a filter subscription, allowing you to save money and keep your water protected at all times. Waterdrop also offers filter cartridge subscriptions, but they do not include a discount on the product's base price. 

Both brands offer additional products, including whole-house water filter systems, under-sink faucet filters, replacement filters, and accessories such as shower filters. 

HomeWater vs. Waterdrop Filters: In-Depth Comparison

HomeWater and Waterdrop offer products made in North America that meet ANSI standards and hold NSF certifications. In addition, they each provide a 30-day guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on all products. 

Both brands offer a wide range of products, accessories, and replacement cartridges, including reverse osmosis water filters (aka RO water filters). RO systems boast a pore size of about 0.0001 microns, which stands out compared to standard 5-micron carbon block sediment filters. 

What Products Does HomeWater Offer?

Here's an overview of the products offered by HomeWater: 

  • Under-sink water filters: HomeWater offers multiple innovative under-counter water filter systems designed for 15-minute DIY installation. Our products make DIY filter replacements easy with a spill-free design and high-quality activated carbon filters. 
  • Whole-house water filtration systems: HomeWater offers multiple high-quality whole-house water filter systems for all sizes of homes. Our lineup also features a salt-free water softener and conditioner water treatment system to address hard water. Each product is designed to allow DIY filter changes or features self-cleaning filters that don't require replacement. 
  • Accessories and other filters: HomeWater offers a range of accessories, including tumblers, glass water bottles, faucets, a shower head, a water dispenser with a filter system, a smart thermostat, and a smart leak detector. 
  • Replacement filters: HomeWater offers easy-to-install replacement filters for all products, available via subscription or individual order. Filter subscriptions unlock a 15% discount on the base price. 

What Products Does Waterdrop Offer?

Here's an overview of the products offered by Waterdrop: 

  • Under-sink water filters: Waterdrop offers multiple under-sink water filter systems that allow for at-home filter replacements. Many of the brand's products require the installation of a faucet mount. 
  • Whole-house water filtration systems: Waterdrop offers multiple whole-home water filter systems. The brand does not specify what home sizes the filters are designed for, but they do allow for at-home filter changes. 
  • Accessories and other filters: Waterdrop offers accessories, including a water filter pitcher, a shower head filter, and water dispensers. The brand also sells outdoor filters for pools, hoses, and other uses. 
  • Replacement filters: Waterdrop offers replacement filters for all products, available via subscription or individual order. Filter subscriptions unlock a 15% discount on the base price. 

HomeWater vs. Waterdrop Filters: What Do Customers Say?

Comparing customer reviews on HomeWater vs. Waterdrop might help you decide between the brands. Feedback from real customers enables you to understand what the products are like from a firsthand point of view, with information and customer service, pricing, and product lifespan.

What Do HomeWater Customers Say?

HomeWater invites customers to share their experiences on our reviews page. Here are some of the most recent reviews posted: 

5-Star Review From James 

A little while back I purchased a filtration system with a small discount. Shortly after my purchase, the same system was reduced even more. I mentioned my dissatisfaction through a short review, and the owner of the company contacted me and issued me the newly reduced price. Great system. Great company. Great price. Thank you HomeWater! :) 

5-Star Review From Reza J. 

I'm pleased to say that Alex did a fantastic job on installation of the brand-new whole-home water system. He also did his best to address my concerns. His boss, Ben, also joined him in taking care of some finishing jobs along with useful advice. I really appreciate their hard work as they were both knowledgeable about how to make the job look great! 

5-Star Review From Brittaney N. 

Recently had my filter system installed and I must say it was great. Didn't take the technician long to install the product and the water taste is completely different.

What Do Waterdrop Customers Say?

We found reviews from Waterdrop customers on Here are some of the positive reviews that the brand has received: 

5-Star Review From Daisy Newman 

The filters are effective in removing the iron color from the water we get from our well. I use a Pur Pitcher and can't find filters locally. The refrigerator filters work very well also. 

5-Star Review From Anonymous 

It's working great as are the other filters that we change more frequently. We got the unit about 2 years ago and just replaced the 2-year filter. Other than the high price for these filters they are a valuable piece of equipment to have. 

4-Star Review From Elisa Lantigua 

Arrived quickly and very well packaged. Super easy installation. We now have peace of mind when using our water. The only con would be that it's a very loud machine. 

HomeWater vs. Waterdrop Filters: Which Is the Preferred Choice?

So, what's the preferred choice between HomeWater vs. Waterdrop? Most customers prefer HomeWater for our low prices, extensive product range, and focus on preserving the environment. 

At HomeWater, we make it easy to protect your family and get clean water from the comfort of your home. We provide a 30-day guarantee on all products and offer zero-upfront cost options, so you never have to wait to protect your health, home, and family. 

With our Product Recommendation Quiz, you can find the best water filter products for your home and receive 20% off your first order. Or you can contact us about a free home water test for detailed results and recommendations based on your home's water quality.  

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